Goin’ Green Guy

Tom Crain’s alter-ego (a.k.a. passion stamp) is the “Goin’ Green Guy.”

in garden with Cedssily Upon his arrival to Akron from Minneapolis in Fall 2009, I made a commitment to try out a more green lifestyle to put into practice what he had been preaching all these many years. Although it hasn’t been easy, every step of the way, the rewards have been endless.  He’s learned that you can start with “baby steps” which soon become giant ones once you experience the true rewards of feeling better, environmentally-aware and personally accomplished!

Join Tom on his sustainability adventure–including bicycle commuting, growing local fresh food and forming a neighborhood ecovillage  — as he builds his skills in “goin’ green” and at the same time building community, personal health and financial rewards!

Tom is co-founder and currently on the Planning Committee of Greater Akron Innovation Network for Sustainability (GAINS). He teaches eco-living classes and appears in local media on sustainability issues. He founded and organized The Great Glendale Goat Graze, Ecovillage Exhibit @ Akron Home & Flower Show and Akron Ecowalk events. He is bringing an ecovillage coop living project to Akron and co-manages the Glendale Steps community garden in Akron’s West Hill neighborhood. He founded the Akron Public School’s Mason ELC farm-to-school summer program.  


GAINS Co-founder & Planning Committee Member



Akron Ecovillage Co-housing Cooperative



In the Green Spotlight

ed begley

Visit with Ed Begley, Jr. my hero, at the Mother Earth News Fair, Seven Springs PA.

Akron Community Garden Tour Interview May 2014

Green Marketing Interview on Sustainable Life TV  2013

GAINS Meeting Host  Alternative Transit

wakrmy beaut

My Beautiful Home Radio Show Interview October 2013


New York City High Line, Dec 2013

Rain Gardens, June 2013 Digital Version

Rain Gardens, June 2013

Green Team, March 2012

Earthworks, March 2012

Denver’s Learning Landscape, Oct 2011

Harvard University Landscaping, March 2011

Green Forever Turf, Feb 2011

State of Florida Friendly Landscaping, Jul 2010

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